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The Sports Towel provides users with a lighweight, fashionable, sanitary means for wiping away perspiration. The design behind the Sports Towel is highly strategic, in that it can be easily fastened to the user's waist despite the type of attire he or she is wearing. When use is required, the individual simply tucks the Patented T-shape design tip into the waistband of the pants, shorts, skirt, etc. The covered foam insert serves as a makeshift holder or fastener that will keep the device secured in the proper position at all times, whether at rest or play. The T-shape neck design feature allows use of the Sports Towel regardless of whether or not a belt is worn.

The Sports Towel would be very convenient to use. Simply: Pull out of the waistband, use it and tuck it back in. It is offered in multiple colors which allows for fashion. The 100% cotton fabric allows for comfort and quality design. The Sports Towel would be ideal for use by spectators and participants at a variety of outdoor events. The sun, the heat it produces is always a factor for sports fans. Sitting stationary in the sun can make anyone sweat and having a fashionable sweat towel at outdoor gatherings is important. It would help keep people comfortable while attending an outdoors sporting event, lying on the beach, riding a bicycle, jogging, doing yard work or mowing the lawn on a hot, sunny day.

Whether you are a youth playing sports, high school, colleges or universities, intermediate or professional athlete the Sports Towel is for you.