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For over 60 years L.A. Steelcraft has been a major manufacturer of quality equipment for sports, playgrounds, schools and industry, servicing the entire nation. Corporate offices and fabrication plant in Pasadena, California and over 200 representatives nationwide.

Featuring fiberglass, aluminum, wood and plastisol coated tables and benches, equipment for physical fitness, traditional and arch style baseball backstops, basketball uprights, backboards and goal rims, tennis, volleyball and badminton court posts and nets, portable field bleachers, bike racks, flagpoles and site amenities. Over the past 25 years, we have seen many changes in our industry- from the old monkey bars, as they were called, to the new exotic play structures with large diameter pipe, deck type platforms and high tech polyethylene plastic components and slides. But the biggest change came about when the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission was established. It has subsequently published two handbooks of guidelines to assist public agencies and manufacturing companies to help eliminate playground accidents for our children.

As late as November, 1993, the American Society for Testing and Materials published an American Standard F1487-93. This is the Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use.We at L.A. Steelcraft have reviewed every product on this website and have modified all of our products to adhere to these guidelines and standards. We will make on the spot changes if there are additional guidelines adopted.

For over 50 years L.A. Steelcraft has been furnishing playground and field equipment for public use with the sole intent of offering safe and sturdy equipment for children. We recommend that you review your existing playground and see if any of these new guidelines apply to your facility.