The Ultimate Hydration System Series

The Ultimate Hydration System Series from Waterboy Sports

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Athletes perform better when they’re hydrated. As important as hydration is for the athletes’ physical health, it’s even more important for their mental performance.

A hydrated athlete remains focused on their assignments and makes better decisions because their brain works faster. Studies show that the human brain is between 90% and 95% water and uses that water for synaptic activity. When dehydrated, the human body re-deploys its water to the core organs, taking water from the extremities and, you guessed it, the brain. Keeping your athletes hydrated means keeping them in the game, both physically and mentally.

Waterboy Sports is the leader in team hydration technology and has developed the ULTIMATE Hydration Systems. These systems blend 20 years of R&D with common sense to bring you various systems that will re-hydrate up to 8 people AND fill up to 4 drinking bottles, simultaneously.

The drinkers use our patented and anti-microbial treated Safety Spouts while the bottles are filled with our patented Through-The-LidTM technology. Available in pump- and spigot-pressurized models, the ULTIMATE Hydration System is a “must-have” for any sports team.


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